AI-Software SmartColor

AI-Software SmartColor

AI-Software SmartColor is the ultimate color picker for windows
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AI-Software SmartColor is the ultimate color picker for windows.
A color picker lets you select colors, and copy them to the clipboard. Many programs do not include any color picker, or a really lousy one, or just use windows' color picker (which is lousy). Especially who does some web design knows what a good color picker is worth.

SmartColor's features are the following:

- Looks a lot like photoshop's color picker, but is a lot better.
- Full real time updating. You see the colors change while you drag the sliders.
- Support for RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and photoshop-compatible HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) color modes.
- Support and automatic adjustment for all 216 cross-platform web colors. SmartColor makes it easy to pick the nearest web color of any color you want.
- Advanced support for all 140 named colors. As with the web colors, SmartColor always tells you which named color is nearest to the currently selected color.
- Ability to copy a color to the clipboard in a variety of formats.
- Ability to minimize to the tray, to stay on top of other windows and much more.
- SmartColor can save any number of colors to your hard disk. This is very handy if you use the same colors over and over.
- Complete and nice-looking documentation in HTML Help format.

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